The Complexities of Coffee

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Producing great tasting coffee isn’t as simple as throwing green beans in a roaster. Coffee is complex like wine. There are SO many flavors and aromas.

To perfect the roast, we must sample each batch before deciding whether to keep it or tweak it. This process is known as cupping. Roasters do this monthly to ensure that the flavors are consistent and delicious.

Bean process, grade, size, moisture levels, and time, all play a crucial role in determining the quality and flavor of the roasted beans.

Dark roasts are the most forgiving because they’ve been roasted the longest. The bean’s original characteristics are compromised and the flavor takes on a “roasted” flavor. Rich and bold coffee is familiar to many habitual coffee drinkers.

However, here at Lanna, we prefer light & medium roasts and get SO excited when customers choose it too. That’s because we adore Thai coffee and are dedicated to creating the perfect cup. It is a cup that stimulates the senses and transports you to the mountains of northern Thailand. Come check us out.

29 September 2020

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